Our projects

We have an ambitious approach to Research & Development, investing about 25% of our turnover to create and break new ground, for the benefits of naval and maritime safety/security.

We have strong and successful experience with the European Commission, ADEME (The French Eco-transition Agency) and also the French National Research Agency. 




  • SEA4M 

Sea4M is our latest project.

In partnership with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM) and the Ecole Navale, we have been chosen for ADEME's future investment programme, as part of the "vehicles & transport of the future" action.

Indeed, The objective of Sea4M is the execution of complex maritime missions and the securization of autonomous navigation. It includes adaptive and autonomous mission planning, to facilitate the management of a heterogeneous fleet of USVs.


  • Previous projects

- SARGOS : A global alert and Graded Response System developped to secure offshore assets against invasive and suspicious behavior from the sea

- AUTOPROTECTION : A collaborative project integrating non-lethal defense equipment and global supervision for self-protection of merchant ships against piracy

- I2C and PERSEUS : A new generation of innovative sea border surveillance systems to track all abnormal vessels' behaviors in order to early identify and report on EUROSUR threats (clandestine immigration, law enforcement, illegal fishing, terrorism...)