Intuitive Pointing Device

To minimize sensor-to-shooter loop in time-sensitive scenarios, the IPD integrates the outstanding performances of human perception to bring Remote Weapon Systems (RWS) with crucial capabilities.

First, by widening the narrow Field Of View of their tracking optronics thanks to the reflex action of an operator benefiting of a larger Field Of View.

Second, by providing instantaneous accurate Pre-Designation (3D coordinates and day/night imageries) of any air, surface or land residual threat directly to the Remote Weapon Systems, without passing by the Combat Management System, so that allowing reactive target joining, designation and target acquisition.


IPD naval target designator pointer

Key Features


  • Extreme low-light camera
  • Uncooled thermal camera
  • Magnifying power (x10 zoom)
  • Eye-safe laser rangefinder
  • Automatic aim stabilization
  • Tactical data inlaid with augmented reality
  • Live audio and video broadcast to Operation Center
  • Hard drive for storage (512 GB ~22 hours of video recording)
  • 2 integrated sights: direct and electronics


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Remote Weapon System Gun IPD