Vessel Monitoring & Alert System

VMAS belongs to the category of Early Warning System (EWS) using the latest proven technologies applied in the AIS and radar signal processing to protect maritime zone as well as at sea operations and maintain a safe environment.

VMAS is particularly adapted to protect offshore oil & gas activities in the most sensitive areas of the world offering operators the best user experience in terms of ergonomics and simplicity.

The VMAS interface provides an intuitive understanding of the global situation, generates automatic alarms of suspicious vessels behaviors and grants users an easy access to security fleet management tool and information of interest.

Interfaced with radars, this system is capable of tracking non-cooperative vessels navigating in the covered area of interest.

In addition, thanks to its native web-based client-server architecture, any authenticated user can access the application from a simple web browser.

VMAS maritime surveillance system

Key Features


  • Automatic and personalized alarms
  • Fleet of vessels monitoring
  • Management of security vessels
  • Geographic zone customization
  • Centralized management and monitoring from Operational Centre on land/onshore
  • Easily interfaced with sensors like AIS and radar
  • Multi-users secure online access
  • Standardized maritime maps and/or personalized maps available


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VMAS maritime surveillance system